The Shadow Throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen

After the first book, the series rapidly went downhill, IMO. I absolutely adored the first book. It was a five-star, gold medal, 1st place brilliant perfection. Second book was a bit of a disappointment, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Then The Shadow Throne happened. And I am so, terribly disappointed in how subpar this is when compared to the brilliance of The False Prince.

Firstly, let's talk about Imogen for a second. Actually, a bit longer than a second, because I have a lot to say about her. I don't like her. At all. In fact, I hate her. Her mere existence angers me. An editor should have seen that her character serves absolutely no purpose other than to be a bland and boring love interest. She should not be allowed to exist.

So, as callous and bitchy as this may sound, I was sort of happy

when Imogen "died". Died is in quotes because SHE DIDN'T ACTUALLY DIE. Why?? You know, I kind of suspected she might be actually alive but I didn't want my suspicions to be right! Why couldn't the author have just left Imogen dead? Her character not only is completely useless, but killing her would have shown that this war is as brutal as it sounds and it would have forced some growth in Jaron/Sage (I still call him Sage because I like that name a whole lot more).

(show spoiler)

Speaking of Jaron, I feel like that clever, sarcastic, mischievous boy we all know and love from the first two books was replaced by his evil twin. Jaron's not a mischievous but likable kid in this book, he's just plain stupid. How do his plans even work? They shouldn't but somehow, they do. And I hate how everyone just worships Jaron and follows all his orders without question. Trust me, the kind of shit Jaron pulls off would not fly with me.

Okay, another big issue; the ending. Everything is all wrapped up in a neat and tidy package and

Imogen and Jaron get married, Tobias and Amarinda get married, Roden the orphan finds out he actually has a family

(show spoiler)

essentially everyone lives happily ever after and all the kingdoms are at peace! And all that shit happens in one freaking chapter. NO, that is NOT how you end a book. Sure, happy endings are great but I do NOT want everything to suddenly be perfect.

One positive thing about The Shadow Throne was that there is a lot of action so it's easy to read and it doesn't drag or anything.

So, I decided on two stars. I originally gave this book three stars out of loyalty to the first and second book, but two stars more accurately reflects my feelings.