Gives Light - Rose Christo

I knew I was going to love Gives Light, because it combined two of my favorite things; m/m romances and Native American characters. I feel that there isn't enough diversity in YA fiction, so kudos to Rose Christo for including Native characters! In fact, there is a lot of diversity in this book. We have Native American characters, we have an LGBT romance and we have a mute protagonist.


So, I went in with pretty high expectations and I was not disappointed. I love Skylar- he's a sweet boy and I think he is a really complex character. I also really like Rafael. He's tough but has a sensitive and sweet side to him.

And oh my god, their romance gives me the FEELS. I love them together. It is well-paced too- absolutely no instalove here. They start as strangers, then their friendship slowly grows and then blossoms into true love.


I also like Christo's writing- there's something about it that is compelling and I read this book in one day. It also has a quiet beauty to it, it's not overly saturated with metaphors and such, it's simple yet lovely.


Overall, I highly recommend Gives Light and I am so happy there's a sequel.