Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge

I honestly don't know what to think. All I know is I feel vaguely disappointed.
I was expected Cruel Beauty to be amazing. And I didn't think it was.

Firstly, I have mixed feelings about Nyx. I'm glad she wasn't helpless and could fend for herself, but I was hoping she'd be a little more badass. The romance...I was hoping it would be less instalovey. Nyx falls for Ignifex, and he for her, far too quickly.  Also, considering he's a demon, Ignifex doesn't seem too evil. I do like him- he was quite funny and sarcastic and I love me some sarcasm. But for being The Beast of this story, he just isn't twisted enough.

But whatever, those minor things, while slightly affecting my enjoyment, are not what ruined it for me.

The main issue I had was that the ending was terribly confusing. I'm still unsure what happened. At least there was a HEA, but I'm not sure how it happened. I'm really just so lost. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?

So, that's it. The best thing about Cruel Beauty was the beautiful writing and the way the author combined Greek mythology and the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.