Shadowland - Meg Cabot

Hehehehe, that was awesome.

I was sort of stuck in a reading rut until I read Shadowland. This was a great way to spend the afternoon. Sure, my neck was killing me because I was hunched over all afternoon, but it was worth it :)

Okay, I like Suze. A lot. I would definitely want her as a friend, because in many ways, she reminds me of me. Only, she's waaaay more kickass. There are a lot of protagonists in a lot of books where I like their personality, but it is a rare occurrence indeed where I feel like they are similar to me. Awesome. Anyway, I think it's her sarcastic sense of humor, not to mention her badassery, that makes her likable.

Also there's some classic ghost-busting, which, who doesn't like that? And a really cute ghost name Jesse.

Overall, a great read, perfect for passing the afternoon. Four stars.