Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck

DNF at page 239

When you have to force yourself to read a book, when you just don't give a shit about anything or anyone in the book, maybe you should call it quits. Honestly, I could have finished it. I was fairly close to finishing. But I don't want to. Because I don't like this book.

Reasons why I don't like this book:
•The writing is mediocre at best. Actually, I used to write like this. When I was 10.
•The author failed on including the culture of India authentically. I'll be honest; I don't know much about India or its culture. So if I can tell the author did barely any research, that's sad. And whatever research the author did do is presented in info-dumps.
•Then there's this big problem: Kelsey is a white American girl. She's never been to India and knows little of its culture. Yet she's somehow the Chosen One of an Indian goddess. That makes sense. NOT! Kelsey didn't even know who Durga was before she was informed she's the Chosen One
•Kelsey is a moron. She's just not likable. She's fucking annoying. And all the characters are always telling her she's so smart, and beautiful, and determined and kind and special. She doesn't seem like any of those things. I never saw Kelsey live up to those adjectives, all I got was characters just telling her, and me (the reader), that
•Honestly, at first I thought Ren was decent, even though he acted like a lovesick puppy sometimes. Then this outburst happened:

"Kelsey, are you telling me that not only did you watch the hunt, but also that you hiked back to the campground by yourself?"
Ren was beyond angry.
I squeaked out, "Yes."
"The next time I see Kishan, I will kill him". He pointed his finger in my face. "You could have been killed...or eaten! I can't even tell you all the dangerous things that live in the jungle. You are never leaving my sight again!"
Page 227.

Kelsey is a lot of things, most of them not complimentary, but I cannot say that she is incapable of taking care of herself. News flash, Ren: she doesn't need you to babysit her. And besides, I don't like control freaks. Male or female, controlling people rub me the wrong way.

Because of those big issues, I cannot recommend Tiger's Curse.

I knew what I was getting into. I never expected a masterpiece. I didn't expect anything good at all, thanks to negative reviews from Goodreaders whose judgement I trust. But I still read it, because I wanted to read it myself before making a judgment about it.

It is not worth reading. It is not worth your time. Trust the one-star reviews, they are not wrong. But if you feel you must read it, please don't buy it. Please don't waste your money on this.