Splintered - A.G. Howard

I really enjoyed Splintered, for the most part.

Only one thing kept me from giving it five stars: Jeb

He is a controlling, overprotective douchebag Some examples:

Page 15: Alyssa wants to go on a study abroad program in London, but " Dad asked him [Jeb] to dinner a couple of weeks ago to talk about the program. I thought it was a great idea, that with Jeb in her corner I was as good as on a plane. And then, together, they decided it wasn't the right time for me to go. They decided "
Page 78: Jeb is dating Taelor, a girl who has bullied Alyssa for years, and Taelor's a bitch to Alyssa. Instead of apologizing, Jeb demands that Alyssa be nicer to Taelor: " Seriously, Al. A little compassion, okay? Didn't you hurt her enough already? Did I mention that Alyssa has been Jeb's friend for many years? Such a lovely friend.

And all throughout their stay in Wonderland (because of spoilers, I won't include quotes), Jeb tries to "protect" her. But he's really only stopping her from accomplishing her mission. He thinks it's his job to protect Alyssa. It's not

But, other than that I really liked Splintered. Alyssa herself was a great protagonist. She's spunky, artsy, funny and is completely capable of taking care of herself. Nice! Morpheus, the other half of the love triangle, is sort of a villain, but my personal favorite. He's witty and has a dark sense of humor. Plus, he said this gem to Jeb:

I've complete faith that she [Alyssa] can fend for herself. You, on the other hand, can't seem to grasp that concept (217)

I'm pretty sure Alyssa's going to end up with Jeb, but I love Morpheus and that is who I would pick

The world that A.G Howard created is spectacular. It's dark and twisted and I loved it. It's also nothing like the original (haven't read the original, but I can gather it's not the same), so if you loved Lewis Carroll's book, you might not like all the differences.

So, other than the annoying little shit Jeb, this book would be perfection