Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

Can't believe I waited so long to read Pushing the Limits. Maybe it was because the blurb sounded like any other YA contemporary.

And yes, I'll be honest: Pushing the Limits is not remarkably original. But the way the author writes and the way she make her characters complex and interesting makes up for it.

Characters are VERY important to me. And Pushing the Limits has some great ones. Noah is totally my kind of guy. He's funny, and a bit of a rebel but he has a heart of gold. I love relationships between brothers, and Noah's devotion to his brothers makes my heart ache with feels. It's really sweet.

Let's not forget about Echo. She has a interesting background as well and she's just a very cool character. I loved Echo just as much as Noah. They make a great couple.

The secondary characters are just as great; Noah's friend, Isaiah, was awesome, and although Beth was annoying at times, she grew on me. I liked Echo's friend Lila and although he died, I think I would have liked Aires. Only character I didn't particularly like was Echo's stepmom. I HATED her.

Overall, this was a super great book, and I'm really glad I decided to read it. Honestly, it surprised me :)