Prodigy - Marie Lu


As my friend Natalie on Goodreads said, Prodigy is "leaps and bounds ahead of Legend".


Prodigy, in my opinion, was infinitely better than Legend. First all, the plot has more going on. More action and fight scenes, some political intriugue, some romance, and worldbuilding. And lots of twists and turns. Awesome.

I loved June in this one. In Legend, I was unsure what to think of her, but I definitely like her in Prodigy. She's really intelligent, clever, she stays calm in sticky situations, and she's pretty kickass too. Kind of like Azula from Avatar; the Last Airbender. Only June's not evil. :)
I do like Day, but I feel like he is a bit too angsty in this. It's only near the end that he acts more like the sarcastic, smartass kid we know from Legend.
I'm still unsure how to feel about their romance. I can see they definitely work well together, but I think that their relationship should stay a purely platonic one. That is, if

they ever work things out.

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That ending, though! Such a cliffhanger.

Will Day and June's relationship ever get mended? Will Day even survived?


I definitely want to read Champion to find out.


Only thing I didn't like, and it's a VERY minor thing, was 


Kaede's death. She was pretty awesome, and I wish the author decided to keep her alive :(

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Overall, a very solid sequel and a definite improvement, IMO. I cannot wait to read Champion!