In response to the Kathleen Hale incident

I'm sure most of you have heard about this uproar on Goodreads. And I'm sure most of you understand that stalking is not okay. But there are people out there who are defending Ms. Hale's actions. And that makes me sick and sad. They're saying that the reviewer in question was a "troll" and a "bully". Let me say this: Perhaps the review was deliberately offensive. I can't say since I never read it (but I have doubts about that. Stating she didn't like the book is HER opinion, which she has every right to). But I think even if Ms. Hale was hurt by the review and considered it "bullying", Hale automatically became in the wrong when she took it to the extremes of stalking this reviewer on social media, going to her house and then writing an article boasting about it. Kathleen Hale handled the situation completely inappropriately and her actions are inexcusable.


Some people also called the people angry at Hale for her behavior "bullies".

We are not bullying. We are calling out an author on her outrageous, and might I add ILLEGAL, behavior. A negative book review, no matter how offensive or mean it may have been, is not an excuse for breaking the law. They say there was wrong on both sides. What is wrong with having an opinion? What is wrong with being a victim of a crime? Yes, I believe Blythe is the victim. Not Kathleen Hale. 


Thankfully, nobody got physically hurt, but a woman's right to privacy was violated and that is unforgivable. Blythe, if there's a chance that you read this, know that we (the book blogging community) all support you!


Overall, I think Hale's actions are completely unjustifiable and whoever is defending her really needs to rethink their stance. 


Thanks for reading.