The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson

Guys, I have a heart of ice. I am not a crier, usually. Very rarely will a book make me tear up.

This was one of those rare books. This book melted my heart of ice and turned it into a big, wet, messy puddle.
OH MY GOD, This book was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was amazing. Jandy Nelson's writing is like magic, it's so beautiful and eloquent and it made my heart overflow with emotion. People, the FEELS. The feels are everywhere. Haha.

Everything about this book was lovely. The characters, I wanted to hug them all and give them chocolate. Except for Rachel. The setting, I wanted to be there. Gram's garden sounded especially gorgeous. The WRITING. God, why can't I write like that? I'm so jealous.

This is a book that just speaks to your heart. My heart, at least. It's a very simple contemporary story, but a powerful one too. I wholly recommend The Sky Is Everywhere.