The Symmetrical Bookworm

I am a person with many interests. But first and foremost I am a reader.

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Yo, what's up? My birth name is Haley, but sometimes i go by Ley (sounds like "Lee"). You can call me either. My pronouns are ze/hir. 


Please note that I only pop in on Booklikes every now and then to post new reviews and clean up my shelves. Because of this, sometimes my shelves/ratings are inaccurate. My Goodreads profile is always the most up to date, so if you like my reviews and would like to see what I'm reading, go check me out on Goodreads


Me in a nutshell: 16 years old. Californian. Bookworm. Former blogger. Dancer. Amateur musician and music enthusiast. Otaku/anime fan. Occasional writer. Introverted and socially awkward. Night owl. Sweet tooth. Aspiring traveller. Daydreamer. Francophile who kinda speaks French. Transgender/nonbinary. Passionate about LGBT rights/issues. Loud and proud feminist. Loud and proud atheist. Frequent cusser (is that a word? Cusser. Whatever. I cuss a lot, so if that's something that annoys you beware). Open minded (I'd like to think so, at least). Excited for the future. 

C'est moi. 

Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Have a nice day :)


In the words of Kat Blaque: Always remember and never forget that you are beautiful and you are loved. Bye! :)